Azden EX-507XR Professional Lavalier Microphone (3.5mm TRS)


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The EX-507XR lavalier microphone is a direct replacement mic for the PRO-XR wireless system, but with its 3.5 mm TRS output connector, its also compatible with many other 3rd party wireless systems, including ones from Rode, Sennheiser and Sony. The EX-507XR would also work well plugged directly into a camera or digital audio recorder.

This lavalier mic offers a full spectrum frequency response with a natural contour, and a highly sensitive, omni-directional microphone element. The 4-foot long cable (approximately) is plenty of length for use with a belt-clip transmitter and the right-angle plug helps to prevent accidental disconnection. Mic includes an alligator-style lapel clip for attachment to clothing and foam windshield.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in

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