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The Blog

  • CMEA Preview – What’s Cooking at the Mayor? (you could win a wireless system!)
    Making a great video doesn’t have to be complicated or involve lot’s of expensive gear that you need a degree in electrical engineering to use. To demonstrate how easy it can be to make video content that is informative and engaging, we partnered with The Mayor of Old Town here in Fort Collins, Colorado to […]
  • Weekend Update 01-17-21
    The week that was and the week that will be! We released a great video on the differences between TRS and TRRS cables last week, so if you’re trying to connect a wireless system to your smartphone check that out. We’ll also be releasing a video this week on how to use the Galaxy GT-V […]
  • Win a Galaxy GT-V Wireless System!

The Podcast

  • Win a Galaxy GT-V Wireless System!
  • What the Heck is it? TRS versus TRRS
    Not all audio input and cable are built alike. Even cables that are the same size could hold a hidden secret that is keeping you from being able to effectively use your gear. You may have heard the terms “TRS” and “TRRS” before, but what does it mean and why […]
  • No Mic Stand? No Problem!
    Here’s how I improvised a microphone stand while traveling using just the gear I always have in my bag. This solution is simple, robust, and effective. Featured Products: SmallRig Clamp Mount Audio Technica ATR2100X Microphone Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones

Product Feature

  • How to utilize JBL EON1 Compact and Galaxy GT-V for classroom teaching
    With today’s remote and socially distanced teaching requirements, you need to be heard. But if you’re spread out in a rehearsal room or outside how can you amplify your voice and educate your students? Ward Durrett has the solution. By using the JBL Eon1 Compact PA combined with the Galaxy GT-V wireless system you have […]
  • Win a Galaxy GT-V Wireless System!
  • WWW – Rode Wireless Go
    What is it? Why is it cool? Why do I need one? We’re going to take a look at the Rode Wireless Go and answer these questions and demonstrate the simple versatility this unit will give you. Cut the cord and improve your videos with this one piece of gear!



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