Roland Gold Series 10′ XLR Microphone Cable


  • Neutrik XLR connectors with 24K gold-plated contacts
  • High-density spiral copper shielding
  • Low-capacitance design ensures full frequency reproduction and maximum dynamic response
  • Durable and ultra-flexible outer jacket
  • Lifetime guarantee

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Roland’s Gold Series microphone cables are engineered to accurately transmit the purest signals without contamination or noise interference. Genuine Neutrik connectors with 24K gold-plated contacts assure the cleanest, most precise audio reproduction available. Studio-quality oxygen-free copper core wire translates every tonal nuance with exceptional clarity, and the low-capacitance design ensures that voices and instruments always sound clear and true.

Additional information

Weight .665 lbs
Dimensions 8.6 × 6.9 × 1.1 in

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