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SmallRig Super Clamp Mount with 1/4″ Screw Ball Head Mount 1124 is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. This super clamp can mount onto anything like cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, crossbars and even other super clamps. The maximum opening of this super clamp is 40mm while the minimum is 15mm. It could attach and detach from a monitor quickly and the position of the monitor is adjustable as per your needs during shooting.

Key Features:
1. Mounts monitor or LED Lights via 1/4’’ screw.
2. Compatible with any mounting gear of 15-54mm and tightened by the locking knob.
3. Quick attach and detach from a monitor.
4. Can be adjusted with ease.

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in