We Survived the Snowpocalypse! It’s the Weekend Update.

In this Weekend Update:

We survived the snowpocalypse! And along the way we found the heroes we needed right where they have always been. Read about it here


Drew gets down to brass tacks. Well brass trumpet bells, not tacks. If you have ever wondered what the difference is between gold brass and yellow brass this video will bring you up to speed.


While looking for podcasting resources, we stumbled upon this great beginner’s guide to Audacity (the free audio recording and editing program we use) on the buzzsprout web site.  They also offer other podcast hosting and promotion services, so if you are in the market see if they have a solution that fits your needs.  buzzsprout does not sponsor or compensate us in any way, we just thought they had some cool stuff and wanted to share!


Ward has discovered a new piece of gear! If you’ve been using Shure wireless systems with the TA4 plug, you can now connect the microphone directly to your smartphone. Check The Podcasting Store YouTube channel later this week for the video that will explain it all.