So You Have a Podcast Idea! Now What?

Rode RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Studio

We had a client contact us about outfitting his studio for his cryptocurrency podcast.  After our initial consult, the intended use of the gear is as follows:

  1. Recorded in a quiet, controlled office setting.
  2. One on one (or maybe ) interviews.
  3. Remote guests on occasion.
  4. Using a laptop to record.
  5. Asynchronous broadcast (not livestreamed).
  6. Possible video component.

Thought Process

We were not given a specific budget, but the theory is the same regardless of price.  We need audio capture (microphones), something to record into (computer), a way to connect the two (interface), a way to monitor (headphones), and a way to edit and later disseminate.  To the last point, there are many free software options available, and this client already uses, so (based on our research) should be covered for publication.

We opted for XLR microphones and an interface rather than USB microphones.  While the sound quality of USB mics has come a long way, combining multiples into a computer gets cumbersome quickly.  By using an interface, levels can be set prior to capture, assuring balance every time.  The other bonus of this setup is that microphones can be added or upgraded with ease at any time.

Monitoring while recording is crucial.  We recommend over ear headphones for comfort or in-ear monitors for streamlining the look on video.  Either way the output cannot be picked up by the microphone or there will be nasty feedback.


With all that in mind, here are two separate recommendations for an Audio podcast and a Video Podcast.

Audio Podcast Setup

The first is an Audio podcast. The interface is the Rode Podcast Pro which has 4 XLR inputs, 3 digital inputs and 1 channel for onboard sound effects. It includes 4 headphone outputs and a USB connection into the computer. The Microphones are the Shure SM7B industry standard microphones. They use XLR to connect into the Podcaster Pro. The mics are held by the Heil HB-1 microphone boom arm which is attached to the table/desk and allows clutter free use of the desk/table.

1             Rode                                     Podcaster Pro Interface                                            

2             Heil                                       HB-1 Microphone Boom Arm                

2             Shure                                   SRH440 Studio Headphones                                     

2             Shure                                   SM7B Studio Microphones                                  

2             Hosa                                     10 Foot XLR Microphone Cable                         

Video Podcasting setup

The second estimate is for the Video side of the podcast. The heart of this interface is the Atem Mini. The Atem Mini is a 4 HDMI input video switcher. This allows for the switching of video sources at the touch of a button. It can also be used as a video input into OBS for easy video switching without slowing down the computer. Mokose Cameras are the input sources. These are small form factor HDMI/USB cameras. This system allows for the most flexibility if you decide to add or change your cameras.

1             Blackmagic                         Atem Mini           

2             Mokose                               12MP HDMI cameras                                            

2             Hosa                                     25 Foot HDMI Cables  

2             Hercules                              DG207B Camera Holders                              

2             Peak Stands                       Tabletop Stands for Hercules



Regardless of what specific gear the client chooses, the thought process is the same.  By analyzing the intended use case and creating a robust system, not a specific rig, we can assure the client that this studio will work now and grow with their needs in the future.

If you are just starting out and are looking to get geared up, contact us!  Regardless of budget we can create a package of gear that will meet and exceed your expectations.