Weekend Update 01-10-20

I tried something a bit different with this video!

I had been searching for a way to run my Heil PR-40 directly into my iPhone, since I love the quality of the mic, but the signal was just weak enough to be frustrating. The goal is to record the sound on the same track as the video and have the quality good enough so that there isn’t a lot of processing or editing necessary. So I’ve been looking for a way to boost the signal, and it finally arrived!

I’ve been wanting a Zoom P4 since I first heard about it, but they’ve been on backorder since summer. It finally came! So I used the Zoom P4 (super cool device) as a preamp for the mic, connected that to a USB -> lightning adapter, and connected that to my phone! The results were fantastic and I did not need to alter the sound in any way. I’ll try to get the P4 in stock for the store soon!

Gear used in this video:

Heil PR-40 Studio Microphone

Zoom PodTrak P4

XLR Cable

USB -> Lightning Adapter

Microphone Stand

SmallRig Clamp Mount

Vastar Phone Holder