Happy Summer! It’s Your Weekend Update

Summer has arrived, officially!  As always get out there and enjoy the glorious weather!

In this Weekend Update:

Podcasting Rigs are Complicated, Right? Wrong!

Take a peek behind the curtain at the gear Drew uses to record Beyond the Stage. He walks you through the thought process behind the equipment and shows you how a great rig can be super portable and easy to use without needing a dedicated recording studio.


Ed Rep Radio!

Hosted by Shane Deuel, Eastman Music Company’s Regional Sales Director (and a good friend of Boomer Music Company), Ed Rep Radio is the podcast that gives a behind the scenes look at what an educational representative can do for your school music program. If you have ever wondered what goes on when we are not visiting your school, give it a listen!


I Recorded a Long Video! Now What?

I record with iPhones, since that is in my pocket, which by default generate .MOV files. I tend to record videos that are five minutes or less, so the file size runs up to 2 MB tops. The files recorded yesterday each were almost 6.5 GB(!). When I plugged in my phones to transfer the files to the PC they did not show up in my DCMI folders. Needless to say, this was a moment of momentary panic.

Through some research I discovered that this large file share/transfer problem is not uncommon. The most common solution is to use iCloud or Google Drive, but both of these options have limitations of size, at least without paying extra for storage. There had to be another way.


Excerpted from “Remembering Our Friend on the Longest Day of the Year” on The Podcasting Store’s Medium page (link below)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Louvre-2014.jpg
Left to Right: Drew, Andrea, Joan’na

“Today was the Summer Solstice, the favorite day of the year for our friend Andrea who we lost to cancer this past November.  The interment service was held today and not during the winter months partly due to COVID restrictions on gatherings but also as an opportunity to remember her on the longest day of the year, a day her daylight-loving self-believed should be a national holiday.

As part of the remembrance, we were asked to write a word that describes a quality of Andrea that comes to mind when we think of her.  I cheated and picked two: Curious and Cheerful…

…I had not intended to tell that story at the memorial today, but something moved me to speak up and share.  Since her death, I have gotten to know Andrea more and in different ways through the other people in her life she held dear.  Hearing their stories and remembrances has enriched my memories of her, so it is only right that I share mine as well.

In trying to come up with the words to relate this story to the assembled friends, another thought occurred to me to share.  When we mourn the loss of a friend or loved one, our grief does not diminish over time.  We grow…”

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