Does The Quality of Your Zoom Meetings Make People Think You’re Actually in Witness Protection?

Does the garbled audio and fuzzy video of your Zoom meetings make people wonder if you are actually in witness protection? Are you losing your audience because the way you present your content is getting in the way of your message?

Drew can help.

In this video he walks you through the thought process of upgrading your remote meeting audio and video. You will see a step by step progression as each piece of gear is added, how to use it, and the improvement in look and sound every step of the way.


The final setup audio did some strange things in Zoom (hey, it happens!) but Drew did not catch it until editing the video. Rather than scrap the whole project he left the audio as-is, since it is still a significant improvement over the build-in microphone on his computer. The Introduction to the video was shot right after that clip using the exact same gear in the exact same configuration and looks and sounds great, so chalk this one up to temporary techno gremlins.

Gear Used to Make This Video